GESM 130 - Cultural Heritage in the News

Using current news stories as jumping off points, this course explores current threats to cultural heritage, the roles of public opinion and tourism in the protection and interpretation of cultural heritage, impacts of development, questions of authenticity and identity, international law, ethics, and emerging and non-traditional areas of the field.

class size = 20 student (freshmen)

ANTH 140 - Mesoamerican Cosmovision and Culture

This course is an exploration of the nature and contributions of pre-Columbian civilizations (Olmecs, Zapotecs, Maya, Aztecs, etc.) and their descendants as they resist and assimilate to the modern world.

class size = 100 students

ANTH 202 - Archaeology: Our Human Past

This course explores archaeology as the means of investigating our shared human past, from the origins of humanity to the foundations of current civilization. This course includes an overview of archaeological methods and theory, as well as a survey of early human evolution and early civilizations.

class size = 50-100 students

ANTH 314 - The Nature of Maya Civilization

This course provides an overview of Maya culture from the ancient past to the present. We explore the origins of the Maya during the Preclassic period, and the floresence of the Maya during the Classic period. We question notions of “collapse” and rebuilding, investigate external relationships, and learn about the persistence and transformation of Maya culture through time.

class size = 100 students